Weekly News Recap – September 16-20

Dutch banks to work together in fight against money laundering


The Yellow Hammer and Data Protection


School ‘bans’ surnames due to GDPR

A mum says her son’s school banned the use of children’s surnames on textbooks, in order to comply with GDPR regulations. The bizarre situation, means her son is being called ‘Harry2’ by classmates….


Leaked memo claims government website harvests personal data for Brexit

The government is allegedly analysing personal information as a ‘top priority’. The government website ‘gov.uk’ is being investigated by the UK’s data protection watchdog over the way it processes personal information….


Google accused of sidestepping GDPR

New evidences, presented to the Irish data regulator suggested that Google is using secret web pages that feed personal user data to advertisers in breach of GDPR.

The discovery was made by the chief policy officer of Brave, a small but influential rival to the internet giant….


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