Weekly News Recap – March 09 – 15


Marriott CEO apologizes for data breach, unsure if China responsible


Move slower and don’t break things: Facebook is feeling the Irish DPC heat


Keeping Customer Trust in the Age of Data Sharing

In this post-GDPR world that we live in no one can deny that we’ve become more aware of our data, how it’s being used, who needs it and our control over all of that. Have GDPR’s data subject rights helped in increasing or decreasing consumer anxiety over how their information is used? It’s tough to say. One hand GDPR has caused many to think twice about whether to give businesses access to their personal data and to research and reevaluate the reasons they need…


Citrix security breach sees 6TB of sensitive data stolen

The company and the FBI are working hard to mitigate the effects of the attack first spotted by Resecurity. Citrix has suffered a cyber attack that resulted in the loss of 6TB worth of data including emails, blueprints and other business documents. In an official but brief statement, Stan Black, Citrix CISO, said that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had alerted the company to the...


#DPI19: Data Regulators Reflect on First Months of GDPR

Speaking at the IAPP Data Protection Intensive 2019 conference in London, a panel discussion on the first year of GDPR and “What Actions Have Been Taken?” explored how over €55m has been handed out in fines, although the majority of that was the €50m levied at Google. The last year has also seen data protection authorities more than double their headcounts...


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