Weekly News Recap – July 06-12


The French Data Protection Authority Gets Ahead of the Game With New Rules on Cookie Consent Before the ePrivacy Regulation Reaches its Final Draft


Cybersecurity and data protection: when mistakes make headlines


Benefits of GDPR compliance

What strategies can information security professionals use to shift focus from General Data Protection Regulation fines to enabling business gains and success, changing the way data is used, and aligning data privacy with business purpose?...


Data protection: How privacy can be a benefit, not a burden

With the growing number of data breaches, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about how their data is used. Organisations can take advantage of this trend by treating data protection and user privacy as product features...


Life’s a breach – so are you GDPR compliant yet?

THE introduction of new data protection rules in May last year put many local businesses into a spin as they grappled to understand how the new rules would affect their business. A year on, many are still struggling and don’t have robust systems in place…


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