Weekly News Recap – February 02-08


Data breach stats highlight GDPR awareness


The Google GDPR fine – why this case is significant


Facebook faces seven data-protection investigations in Republic

Facebook faces seven separate data-protection investigations in the Republic as the data protection commissioner looks to take advantage of new rules that allow her office to impose hefty fines. The investigations are among 16 cases targeting big technology companies including Twitter, Apple, LinkedIn, and also Facebook’s WhatsApp and Instagram, commissioner Helen Dixon said


Are your company mobile phones a data breach waiting to happen?

Whether as a perk or a way to accommodate employee desires to work remotely,company-issued mobile phones and laptops are becoming increasingly commonplace. These are often provided at considerable cost to a business—£270 per employee per month, according to one study—yet only 11% of businesses take more than one basic measure to protect their mobile networks ...


One in three business leaders don’t trust their own company to comply with GDPR

31% of business leaders do not trust their own organisation to effectively comply with GDPR, according to research published today by Dell Technologies. The research, which is published in the company’s Digital Transformation Index, is based on findings from 4,600 business leaders spanning over 40 countries. It also found that 26% of leaders do not trust their company to protect customer data


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