Weekly News Recap – 8-14 September



A date with my Tinder data

I didn’t delete my profile — I didn’t even think to — so using GDPR to request what information they had on me was more exciting, or at least more personal, than …


Can GDPR block blockchain?

Left to their own devices, organisations, both private and public, hoard personal data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a unified privacy regulation that introduced more privacy rights to data subjects by…


Scale of British Airways Data Breach is “Astounding”

The scale of the British Airways data breach has been described as “astounding” and “very worrying” by cyber security experts, after thousands of customers’ personal and financial data was obtained by hackers…


Nielsen Shareholder Sues Over GDPR Statements

A Nielsen shareholder has sued the company and its CEO and CFO for damages, alleging that it made misleading statements about its GDPR readiness…


EU, Japan move closer on data protection deal

Brussels  – The European Union and Japan are taking the next steps on a mutual agreement to guarantee data protection as part of their deepening trade relationship, the European Commission announced on Wednesday…


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