Weekly News Recap 6-12 October


GDPR Mythbuster Month – Part 2

It’s our favorite spooky time of the year and you know what that means! It’s time to bust some GDPR myths!…


Office chores taking priority over GDPR


Full GDPR fine “highly unlikely” for software bugs, says data protection expert

Companies are “highly unlikely” to be hit with a full GDPR fine for software bugs that are exploited by hackers, says data protection expert Tom Martin…


GDPR casework swamps Denmark’s data protection agency

The agency investigating alleged breaches of GDPR in Denmark is recruiting additional resources to cope with the increase in work…


The good, the bad and the GDPR

The differing approaches to data breaches of British Airways and Equifax have been cited as best practice and a cautionary tale, respectively, under the General Data Protection Regulation…


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