The Status of the EU-Japan Draft Adequacy Decision

The Fifth plenary session of the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) took place on December 4th through 5th and one of the most important topics of discussion was the adoption of the EU-Japan draft adequacy decision.

The EDPB has adopted an opinion on the Japanese draft adequacy decision received from the European Commission. After careful analysis, of the Commission’s draft adequacy decision and the Japanese data protection framework, the opinion raised some concerns. Among which is the protection of personal data, transferred from the EU to Japan throughout their whole life cycle.

The EDPB further recommends that the European Commission insists on the requests for clarification made by the EDPB, to provide further evidence and explanations regarding the issues raised and to closely monitor the effective application regarding the level of protection applied to the personal data in Japan. The EDPB also stresses that the EU-Japan adequacy decision is of paramount importance. This adequacy decision will be the first one adopted since the GDPR has entered into force.

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