The Breach Gets Bigger. Collections 2-5 Compromise 2.2 Billion Accounts

Last time we talked about the data leak named “Collection #1” and its magnitude and mentioned that there are similar data dumps of its kind in the possession of cybersecurity researcher Troy Hunt who first shed light on the subject. Well turns out he wasn’t the only one. Over the last couple weeks, the collections 2 through 5 have been shared between thousands of people as a part of a colossal 845GB torrent. The torrent has been downloaded thousands of times and is available to literally anyone in the world.

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This new data leak considerably exceeds the amount previously exposed by Collection #1. And by this, we mean that approximately half of the people using the internet may have been compromised. So far it’s uncertain if the information consists only of emails and passwords or if it also includes data leaked by past security breaches such as Equifax.

The newly leaked emails have not been added to HaveIbeenPwned so you’ll have no option to check as of yet, but you can take action in securing your accounts nonetheless.

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