Supportica and ACAMS Present – “GDPR and 4AMLD”

We’re happy to announce a project that has been in the works for a long time. We have developed a course in collaboration with our friends at ACAMS, who are the largest international membership organization dedicated to enhancing the knowledge, skills and expertise of AML/CTF and financial crime detection and prevention professionals.

About the Course

A practical perspective on how European privacy and AML regulations intersect

This course is designed to raise awareness and heighten working understanding about the interaction between AML and GDPR requirements, and how best to navigate them in the implementation of effective anti-financial crime compliance programmes.

  • Learn how privacy requirements apply throughout both the life cycle of your customers and your AFC compliance programme as a whole.
  • Gain practical insight on managing data access requests from customers who may be the subject of SARs or internal investigations.
  • Consider the role privacy impact assessments will play in selecting suitable KYC and other forms of RegTech as part of your AFC compliance programmes.

The course is delivered online over 4 weeks, and comprises of:

  • 30-min introductory essentials video
  • Two 90-minute live virtual classrooms featuring guided case studies, polling questions and Q&A
  • 15-minute online networking assessment
  • 15-minute online assessment (which must be completed within 4 weeks of the class start date)

This course has been developed for:

  • AML Officers/MLROs
  • AML compliance staff/second line of defense
  • Board risk and/or compliance committee members
  • Data protection staff seeking to learn more about the interaction between AML and the GDPR
  • IT and innovation teams working with anti-financial crime-related RegTech projects
  • Group AML functions with oversight over cross-jurisdictional AML compliance

On successful completion of the online assessment, participants receive:

  • A digital certificate of completion
  • 4 CAMS credits towards CAMS certification or CAMS recertification eligibility


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