GDPR compliance can boost marketing metrics

Companies complying with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are seeing an increase in their targeted leads for marketing, according to a new study by Capgemini.

GDPR, which was implemented in May 2018, forced many companies to overhaul how they handle data and privacy.

However, rather than being a burden for enterprises, the change has resulted in a raft of internal and external benefits and given them an edge over organisations lagging behind in compliance.

The latest study found that compliant enterprises are outperforming non-compliant counterparts by an average of 20% and are seeing higher levels of customer satisfaction and trust and greater revenue.

More specifically for content marketing, compliance has also opened up a new avenue for targeted leads.

Capgemini looked at the impact of GDPR on four external and four internal processes, activities or metrics and compliant organisations came out on top every single time.

For example, 80% of compliant retailers said that they have been able to increase the number of consumers targeted in a marketing campaign since the arrival of GDPR, while only 57% of non-compliant retailers could say the same.

“92% of executives from compliant firms say their organization has gained a competitive advantage thanks to the GDPR,” the report noted.

Complying with the regulations has also driven greater participation in loyalty programmes, more online purchases and better consumer ratings, as well as improving employee morale and brand reputation.

The report offers overwhelming evidence of the benefits of GDPR, and that companies should look to become compliant as soon as possible to boost marketing efforts.

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