EDPS Probes EU Microsoft Contracts

On April 8 the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), launched an investigation on the European Commission and other EU institutions’ compliance with the bloc’s strict data privacy rules in their contract deals with Microsoft.

This inquiry is said to be prompted data protection problems experienced by Dutch authorities raising concern last November over data collected through Microsoft Pro-Plus, which includes Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook email.

“Any EU institutions using the Microsoft applications investigated in this [Dutch government] report are likely to face similar issues,” the EDPS said in a press release.

The EDPS apparently take their job seriously and that is definitely a good way to approach data protection when learning of mistakes of the past. The EDPS has the power to impose fines up to 50,000 euros for each infringement.

Microsoft has since stated that they’re ready to assist its customers in the EDPS investigation.”We are committed to helping our customers comply with GDPR, Regulation 2018/1725, and other applicable laws and are confident that our contractual arrangements allow customers to do so.

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