DPC Opens Third Apple Probe

European Data protection regulators have been increasingly tightening their grip on tech giants like Google, Facebook and Apple and  Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) has been the busiest of all with twenty investigations into multinational companies with headquarters in the country.

Now the DPC opens its third data protection probe into Apple to examine whether Apple has complied with GDPR rules in relation to a customer request. This investigation follows two others involving the way Apple processes data used for targeted advertising on its platforms and whether its privacy policy is transparent enough.

Seems like the DPC is heavily involved in keeping tech companies in check.

The most prevalent subject of their scrutiny has been Facebook with eight probes into the company itself as well as an additional two into its WhatsApp subsidiary and one into its Instagram service.

Others include Twitter with three probes and Google, LinkedIn and US digital advertising company Quantcast subject to one investigation each.

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