Data Breach May Update

It definitely hasn’t been a slow week for data security. The end of May has been plagued by data breaches it seams. Let’s look at the top stories from the past two weeks.


Nearly 50 million users’ contact details were shared on a massive unsecured online database. The leaked data included emails and phone numbers of celebrities, business accounts and influencers. Though after an investigation on Instagram’s part revealed that the shared information had no private emails or phone numbers of Instagram users. Chtrbox’s database had publicly available information from many sources, one of which was Instagram.


Hackers gained access to the news aggregator’s databases, making copies of users’ name, Flipboard usernames, cryptographically protected passwords and email addresses. Flipboard has since switched to salted hashing to store all user passwords created or changed after March 14, 2012, which should make it extremely hard for the hackers to crack the passwords. They have also taken the measure of resetting users’ passwords.


The popular online design platform had their systems attacked and that may have resulted in the data leak of 139 million users’ details. The company said that “a number” of usernames, email addresses, and passwords in their encrypted form were accessed by attackers. In the days following the attack, the business came under fire from users who claimed that the email that informed users of the breach aimed to bury the news under a paragraph of “marketing fluff”. Still, they did inform users within 24 hours and have made efforts in investigating the breach.


Personal details of 4,500 customers remained available online after 2015 breach, even though the internet service provider had told them previously they were not affected by the breach. The data included details such as names, addresses, emails, bank details, landline and mobile numbers and date of birth.

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