Bulgaria’s Personal Data Protection Commission Prevents Attempted Data Breach

Last week we talked about the massive data breach of Bulgaria’s National Revenue Agency that exposed the data of  5 million citizens.

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Apparently, this gave the green light to other malicious hackers as yesterday (July 22) there was an attempted attack on the Commission for Personal Data Protection. The attempt was made through the wireless Wi-Fi network of the commission, which means that the perpetrator was within the area of the building.

Thankfully the attack was prevented. It’s still unclear whether the target was the Commission for Personal Data Protection’s website or the database, but Chairman Ventsislav Karadjov believes that it was a targetted attempt to disrupt the work of the Commission.

Yesterday the commission began work on the investigation into the recent data breach that’s expected to conclude on August 16. They’ll have to identify the reasons that lead to the breach, the scope of the damage and its perpetrators. If it turns out that the blame lays with the National Revenue Agency, then the fine could reach 4% of turnover or up to 40 million BGN.

When addressing the problem of the leaked data it was concluded that while Personal ID’s can be reissued, the personal identification numbers of the affected citizens are forever compromised.

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